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I am thinking about selling the houses from the tealight collection separately

What would you think ?

Here’s an idea 0

Here’s an idea

Got no money for gas, can’t go anywhere? Throw a party and let everyone come to you…

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We have suddenly becpme very popular. now if some of that would translate into orders we would be very happy!

Almost there 0

Almost there

I am on page 7 0f 8 so eventually this will be over. I keep telling myself we have a great product, wonderful customer service but coming back again after covid just seems a lot harder. Then I am not as sure we want to work as hard as we did before. Before covid we were either cutting or traveling to buy paper now we have other responsibilities new friend and a whole other life. I guess it begs the question are we really the same people we were?

Mental health day… 0

Mental health day…

That is what I had today, that is when you and you friend or just you go and spend the day just doing stuff for yourself. If you haven’t had one I would suggest giving it a try, those times when you have just had enough… Went to lunch and our favorite 5 dollar store and just hung out after, great way to recharge. Starting over has been scary I have only done this three times, doing it while watching my grandson is completely new to me so I needed a day where I could just not care so I took it…

Today was a good day 0

Today was a good day

Today was a good day, got more of our flooring put in. Yes we are remodeling, working on the web site and watching grandson all at the same time. When I say remodeling I do not mean we hire people to work, nope this is all us while we are living in it. What can I say we really are that insane. I would like to think I will work on adding more colors tomorrow but I wouldn’t count on that. I decided back when we were getting a ton of orders that we would not work on weekends because we were just so worn-out from cutting all week that we were very grouchy. We loved our work but we loved our families and friends and we getting to spend very little time with them. That is hard habit to break.

Well, I rearranged my office yet again. 0

Well, I rearranged my office yet again.

See I share that spot with my two cats and my grandson I decided to move my computer and chair so grandson wouldn’t get blocked from watching Paw Patrol since I was in front of his cubby hole. Jokes on me, he was thrilled I moved my rolling and revolving chair it is so much easier to use it for his own personal merry go round. We shall see how long my grand plan lasts….

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Just in case you’re wondering

The reason I am putting information about event planning we have worked with many event planners over the years while we were with Etsy and Shopify so we know they are a valuable asset that many simply cannot afford so we are hoping to provide some information for others who are wishing to have their own events and parties… We offer mostly free personalization if you need them stenciled or printed. Our shimmering colors do not cost extra never have and never will. The idea is to have a nice party you can afford. If you need us let us know.

The OnePlan Event Management Form 0

The OnePlan Event Management Form

Easy-to-use and Accurate
Our event experts have put everything you need to know into one comprehensive checklist together with helpful tips and a walkthrough guide to planning your events. Impress your stakeholders and share the professional event management plan once it’s filled out. Get access to our free event planning guide which walks you through crucial aspects of event planning including:

Permit and licensing checklist
Site management tips
Crowd management know-how
Keeping your event safe

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Just a note:

Just a note:

I do not take orders over the phone I prefer to have an order to look at so I don’t forget anything. I also do not answer numbers that  are not on my contact list, if you have a question  you may text me.

I am truly blessed 0

I am truly blessed

Had a wonderful prebirthday evening with yet another grandson let’s just say I am truly blessed…

Special request 0

Special request

  • For those who have been asking both New York skylines now have colors as well as the superheroes… If anyone else has a special request email me at
I am running out of me 0

I am running out of me

I am running out of me just got a big box of Paw Patrol toys for my grandson. Had to rearrange the office so he can have a place to play with them LOL. Got a few colors added but well…

Shipping is fixed 0

Shipping is fixed

Shipping is fixed now all that is left is adding colors which I am working on so not long now…

OK, I give up 0

OK, I give up

OK, I give up the shipping on Square is totally screwed up I can either change my prices to include shipping or just give up… Gotta think on it…

I am at a precipice here 0

I am at a precipice here

I am at a precipice here of do I keep trying or finally give up untill covid we were used to at least 1000.00 in sells this year with shopify we were at 700.00 I have worked very hard to set up this store I still need to finish adding colors but if it going to be continually screwed up
i am really not sure if i want to continue

Ok here’s the deal 0

Ok here’s the deal

I am working very hard to get the square site up and runningI like everything but the shippingand have contacted them in hopes it get’s straightened out

because I think its about 4 or 5 restarts and I am getting really tired we were with Etsy to begin with and Shopify up till now.. Doing damb good till Covid shut us down so we are fighting back, wish us luck.




Shopify and I are parting ways 0

Shopify and I are parting ways

Shopify and I are parting ways we will be moving to hope to see you there.
You will notice some changes here as well you will no longer be able to order here but there will be links to send you to where you can’

You will need to contact me at to let me know what color you want

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I suppose I should give an explanation of why I am changing stores, Shopify has started a new thing called payout account which has caused my payments to be late and simply cannot figure out how to refund a customer but can manage to get their money that just does not work for me